Thrive or Die!

Or will it be Reinventing Managing.?

The book is being written!

The Book and Book on the Web

Under development: Hopefully you will be able to view the book as its being written — right on the web. Hopefully!

In the meantime, look below, and scroll down to the link to our latest draft of an overview article.

The Regenerative Managing Book

Joe and I are writing the book on regenerative managing. Our work on this goes back for over a decade.

Fortunately our collaboration all this time has been mutually beneficial. Among other things, I co-authored Infinite Possibility with Joe. This resulted in us doing several joint workshops in Europe and the U.S.

We have tentatively titled our regenerative managing book Thrive or Die! This seems  to us to capture the overarching imperative for enterprises. But who knows what title will ultimately come out the other end of the book publishing process.

Sections and Chapters



1. Managing’s Challenge

2. Framing Managing


We address managing as a design problem. We note that enterprises manage to be the root cause of many of their difficulties. From a design perspective, you could say manage to fail.

We take on this challenge by designing a whole new way of managing, a greenfield design, not one rebuilt on a rotten foundation. We start by establishing our philosophy of managing and end with a framework that, for the first time, comprehensively defines managing.


3. Unleash Potential

4. Infuse Meaning

5. Embrace the Individual

6. Liberate Creativity

7. Orchestrate Vitality

8. Effect Creative Destruction

9. Achieve Coherence

We fill in the managing framework to produce a fully comprehensive, wholly objective, all encompassing, and exceptionally definitive guide for building self-regenerating enterprises.

For managing to be considered effective, our philosophy calls for it to build enterprises that thrive indefinitely. With this mindset, we identify the first principles of managing that produces regenerative enterprises. These first principles then undergird the seven imperatives of regenerative managing.

These imperatives tell the story of regenerative managing. The regenerative enterprise:

  • Unleashes potential of its contributors.
  • Infuses meaning to guide its contributors in pursuit of meaningful purpose.
  • Embraces the individual to meet their wants, needs, and desires.
  • Liberates creativity to generate copious opportunities for new value creation.
  • Orchestrates vitality to persist in creating new value in its operation and customer offerings.
  • Effects creative destruction within itself and its ecosystem in establishing its businesses.
  • Achieves coherence to harmonize its practices to thrive in the present and the future.


10. Build Your Practices

11. Practice Regeneration

12. Manage to Thrive

Putting the regenerative managing framework to work, you can create your own thriving enterprise. You do this by tailoring your managing practices to fit your unique circumstance in accord with regenerative first principles and to carry out its seven imperatives.

Simply discover your regenerative managing possibility, define your opportunities to vitalize, design the practices that seize the opportunities, deploy those practices into the enterprise, then defend your regenerative practices against backsliding degeneration.

In the end, if you don’t choose to thrive forever you are choosing to fail eventually.

Status of the Book

as of May 7, 2020

“When will the book be published?”—if only I knew. All I know for sure: I am dedicated to getting it published…when the time is right.

In the meantime, the development and application of regenerative managing goes on! Great progress continues to be made.

And just now we have achieved a new milestone with the release of the next best thing to a book, the latest draft of our article:
Managing to Thrive

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, look to the main regenerative managing webpage for the latest content:
Regenerative Managing Overview

– Kim Korn