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Regenerative Managing®

Regenerative Managing, created by Kim Korn and Joe Pine over the past 15-plus years, establishes regeneration as the foundation for managing to thrive. It engages the people to flourish in vitalizing their enterprise through regeneration. Regeneration then endows an enterprise with the capability to thrive indefinitely in enriching humanity as it provides the greatest possible economic return over the long term.


Regenerative managing manifests an intent to vitalize. It sustains enterprise vitality with flourishing people working to create ever-greater value over the long-term.


The regenerative managing framework encompasses the full scope of managing – all the thinking, mindsets, behaviors, and activities entailed in the outcomes of the enterprise.


It addresses managing’s full breadth of factors involved, its full depth of practices carried out, and its full width of value creation.


Being comprehensive and holistic, it serves to make sense of the totality of managing for any and all enterprises. Beyond that, it provides a complete guide for adopting regenerative managing – managing to thrive.

Beyond Convention

Regenerative managing raises the bar for what you can expect from a way of managing. It goes beyond a mere philosophy, set of principles, or specific practices. It encompasses and addresses all factors involved in creating, operating, reproducing, transforming, and sustaining an enterprise.

If you choose to thrive, choose regenerative managing!

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I will work with you to help you make sense of your way of managing, regenerative managing, and what you might do to learn to manage in a way that vitalizes your enterprise through regeneration.

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See Kim’s 30-minute Regenerative Managing webcast with Barry Bettman of Catalyzing Business Agility.

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About Kim

Kim Korn invented regenerative managing working in collaboration with Joe Pine.

He’s an experienced organization leader and management practitioner turned researcher, writer, and advisor dedicated to bringing a better way of managing to the world—one where flourishing people build flourishing enterprises.