Infinite Possibility

Infinite possibility to create new value lies before every enterprise.

Infinite Possibility Presents The Multiverse of Possibility for Creating New Value with Digital Technology!


B. Joseph Pine II and Kim C. Korn wrote the book on how to gain deep insights into the possibility that lies before every enterprise. In this book, they show how to employ The Multiverse to create new value. This framework delineates the eight realms of possibility that provide guidance for effective exploration in our increasingly digitized world.

Liberate creativity in your enterprise with exploration guided by The Multiverse. Discover its infinite possibility to discover new value-creating opportunities on its digital frontier.


For with the infinite possibility that lies before us, we are limited only by our imagination. And of that there is no end.

Multiverse Presentation by Joe

Animation of the Eight Realms of the Multiverse

Digital Technology’s Role in Embracing Individual Customers