AI Calls for ReInventing Managing

Digitization in general, and AI in particular, compel the reinvention of managing.

Reinvent the Technology of Managing Coincident with Digitization and AI


As Clive Cookson brings out in the Financial Times, today we have “So many technologies advance exponentially at the same time” and “At the heart of everything… is artificial intelligence” therefore “AI is set to overturn almost every field of technology.”

The exponential technological change Cookson points out in his review of Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever’s book about how our technological choices will create the future, brings with it a not only a potential, but an absolute requirement, for re-inventing managing.

Digitization in general, and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular, bring with them unprecedented new human-potential possibility to exercise knowledge and capabilities heretofore unimaginable. And therefore, possibility unmanageable with traditional ways of managing.


To re-invent managing, do not just adopt new practices. Do not just randomly experiment with new methods. Do not just adopt new ways of managing that are incomplete or singularly focused.

Instead, first go to the principles of managing suited to unleashing the full value-creating potential of your enterprise. From that basis, design and implement practices that truly unleash the human potential of your enterprise.

Only the first principles of regenerative managing fit the bill. Only regenerative managing offers a comprehensive, integrated, and definitive framework for managing that truly engenders the full potential of your enterprise. Only regenerative managing encompasses all dimensions of managing—all leadership, all management, and all governance.


Look to regenerative managing to guide the reinvention of your way of managing!