I am Kim Korn, a management practitioner, and theorist, offering Regenerative ManagingSM, a revolutionary way of managing vitalizing enterprises to thrive forever.

I practiced managing for over two decades at Accenture, a consulting firm, and Andersen Windows, a window manufacturer. During that time, I honed my leadership and management skills in guiding business and organizational transformations.

Working on strategic initiatives the whole time aroused my interest in and love for strategy. I worked with corporate leaders, boutique consultants, and “lords of strategy” consulting firms. Try as we might, we failed to develop what I thought to be the essence of strategy—a strategic competitive advantage.

Looking around at other companies, I found this to be true across the board. I came to realize that creating a true competitive advantage eludes most companies. Nevertheless, I knew a way must exist.

On leaving the corporate world, I set out to find that way. Digging deep and ignoring convention I discovered managing itself to be the root cause of corporate mediocrity and failure to thrive.

This insight led me to the discovery of Regenerative Managing, a way of managing that brings about the organic ability of an enterprise to develop and perpetuate its vitality indefinitely.

I have since dedicated myself to bringing this revolutionary way of managing to the world.

Working in conjunction with Joe Pine, I focus on the further development and refinement of Regenerative Managing through ongoing research, framework development, and its practical application in the practices of a private school and a financial technology company.

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