Bring Regenerative Managing to Your World.


We welcome you to engage us in helping your enterprise become regenerative. We offer Regenerative Management® and Regenerative Managing SM programs, workshops, consulting, and educational talks and seminars to introduce and guide you in understanding, adopting, and employing regenerative managing practices. We offer Regenerative Enterprise SM programs, workshops, consulting, and educational talks and seminars to introduce and guide you in how to become a regenerative enterprise, whether as a startup or as with the transformation of a long-standing enterprise. For exploring the possibility lying before your enterprise, we offer Infinite Possibility® and The Multiverse® educational talks, seminars, workshops, events, and consulting engagements.

Let’s Work Together

Whatever form an event, talk, workshop, or consultation takes, they all function to bring regenerative managing knowledge and practices to the world.

Talks, seminars, and workshops may be public or private, depending on your needs and objectives.

Private events allow us to dig deeper into the particular circumstances of your enterprise.

Have a Discussion

Book a Talk

A 30 to 60-minute talk provides you with an introduction to regenerative managing. I tailor the your talk to meet the needs of your group, association, organization or enterprise.

We can do a broad overview, focus in on specific aspects, highlight the regenerative managing philosophy, or address factors of value creation. The forms talks can take is endless.

Book a Talk

Do a Workshop

I work with you to tailor seminars and workshops—their pace, depth, and scope—to your requirements. They include discussions and exercises that directly engage the participants.

Workshop participants gain an understanding of how to exercise regenerative principles in their managing practices.

Arrange a Workshop

Seek Advice

Arrange for consultation in forming and carrying out your strategy for managing. I work directly with you to help you to discover your managing opportunities and developing your regenerative managing capability.

Seek Advice

Work with Both Kim and Joe

Joe and I have collaborated for over a decade to bring you Regenerative Managing. We will be glad to discuss your needs and whether or not they can best be satisfied with a joint talk, workshop, or engagement.

Get Both of Us

Go with Joe

As you may know, Joe is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor. 

Joe and I will be glad to discuss how either one or both of us can best serve you.

Engage Joe